1. Adding Keywords To Keyword List

You can add Keywords manuallly or import a report from the Google Keyword Tool

- To Add keywords Manually

Step 1. Enter a keyword list name , Select 'Add', Press 'Go'

Step 2. Enter a keyword , Select 'Add', Press 'Go'

- To Import keywords from Google Planner Report -

Step 1. Go To 'Setting' Tab, Press 'Browse' And Locate The Google Planner File, Press 'Save' To Save The Location

Step 2. Select 'Import - Google Planner', Press 'Go'

2. Set Up Send Email Options

Step 1. Set Up Verify Email Option.

Check the Verify Email Checkbox to verify your emails. Next choose the verification method, by default, you can choose 'Self' method or you can use a 3rd party component.

Step 2. Set Up Send Email Option.

Step 3. Set Up Send Email Option.

Step 4. Set Up Smtp.

3. Set Up Automation

Step 1. Select Keyword List

Step 2. Select 'Send Email'

Check the Send Email Checkbox to send your emails.

Step 3. Select 'Repeat'

Select the number of hours to restart the keyword list after it is completed.

Other Features

Importing Multiple Keywords/Urls

Paste the Keywords/Urls in the Input Box, Select the Type 'Keyword' or 'Url', Input The List Name in the Name TextBox, Press 'Input'