Category And Sub-Category

Keywords and Search Engine Results in SER Manager can be organized by Category and Sub-Category.

Step 1. To add a Category, enter a Category, for example a Country 'US' in the TextBox,

select 'Add' from the dropdown list and press the button 'Go' to add.

Step 2.

To add a SubCategory, select 'Add' from the DropDown List, press 'Go'

To Update or Delete, Please Select 'Update' or 'Delete' from The DropDown List and Press 'Go'

Keyword List

Keyword List is where you define the keywords to search for.

+ Adding A Keyword List

Step 1. Enter a keyword list name , Select 'Add', Press 'Go'

+ Adding Keywords

You can add Keywords manually or import a report from the Google Keyword Tool

- To Add keywords Manually

Step 1. Enter a keyword , Select 'Add', Press 'Go'

- To Import keywords from Google Planner Report

Step 1. Select 'Import Report'

Step 2. Click 'Browse', Select The Path

Step 3. Select Report Type


Get SER is where you get the Search Engine Results. You may choose to get SER by Search Engine, Country & Page. To get SER, please follow these steps:

Step 1. The 1st step is to select keywords you want to use. You can use keywords based on a single input, a whole keyword list or by selected keywords.

+ Single Input

Step 2. Go To '2. Get Urls' Tab, Select 'Get Search Engine Results - List', Press 'Go'

Step 3. If you want to add the results to the Search Results List, Select 'Move', Enter The Url List Name For Ex 'Electronics', Press 'Go'

+Scraping Urls

You can use the Scrape feature to get links or text from a Search Result. The links will be chosen based on wheter the Search Phrase is present or Not (Exclude option) in the links' Text or Href value. Enter the keyword or phrase you are going to use to search for the link. If the link contains this keyword , then it's a match. You can also use the Exclude option to search for links that do NOT contain the keyword.

Step 1. Select the 'Scrape' function from the dropdown menu.

There are 2 types of Search you can choose from:

Search In Link - The Search will be on the Href value
Search In Text - The Search will be on the Text value

There are 2 types of results that you can get:

Get Link - The Scrape will get the Href value if a match if found
Get Text - The Search will get the Text value if a match if found

Step 2. Enter the following parameters:

Target Url: The Url from which to extract the content from.
Search Phrase: The phrase you want to include or exclude in your result.
From Page: The starting page to scrape.
To Page: The end page to scrape.

If you choose to scrape multipe pages, please locate the page part in the Url and replace it with '[page]', then select the 'To' page.

Choose the From and To page number to Scrape. For example, you can choose to scrape page 1 to 3

Replace the page number in the url with the word [page].So,;1 becomes;[page]

Press 'Go', the app will scrape these pages for you.

Step 3. To move the Scrape Results, please select 'Move To Search Results', Enter the Search Result name and press 'Go';

Search Results

Search Results is where the Search Engine Results are stored.

+ Looking At And Editing Search Results

Step 1. To look at Search Results, please select a name from the Dropdown List. To Add, Update or Delete the records, Please select an option from the Dropdown List and press 'Go'.

+ Reviewing Search Results

You can review the Search Results in an easy way by using the Review Mode.
Step 1. To review Urls, select 'Review Mode' to resize the window, double click on a Url to open it.

You can then assign a status or write a note about that Search Result after you review it.

Step 2. Exporting Keywords/Urls

Select the Keywords/Urls manually or using the 'Select' option, To Export, Select 'Output - New' or 'Output - Add', Press 'Go'

Other Features

Getting Alexa Ranking

To Get Alexa Ranking for the Url, Select 'Get Alexa', Press 'Go'

Importing Multiple Keywords/Urls

Paste the Keywords/Urls in the Input Box, Select the Type 'Keyword' or 'Url', Input The List Name in the Name TextBox, Press 'Input'